HARDOX® Wearparts

Since 2009 CORAZZA has expanded its range of proposals with a new department called HARDOX WEARPARTS, that doesn't mean only sell of parts made in HARDOX® wear steel, but include the complete family of SSAB products such as WELDOX® and TOOLOX®, with different mechanical excellent properties.

A team of technicians specialist in 'Problem Solving' and a forefront technical department are always at customer disposal for facing the today's issues in the various branches of mechanic; Iron metallurgy, Building, Drilling Equipment, Energetic, Recycling, Offshore are sectors in which CORAZZA has positively solved the raised inquiries.

Several companies working in Engineering and Mechanical fields have found through CORAZZA the best solutions to their needs using the range of SSAB special steels. You can ask an advice without any commitment to our wearparts expert:

Eng. Damiano Borghese
cel +39 346 757 1761