+ bollino_miniera MINING

CORAZZA offers a range of tailor made buckets designed around specific application application and customer's requirements.Unique manufacturing process and the highest quality of steels used deliver outstanding durability and reliability and improve productivity ot the base machine reducing operating cost

+ bollino_cave QUARRYING

Whether for marble or granite blocks or aggregates quarrying, you can rely on CORAZZA know-how in designing a wide range of work tools for different tasks.Highest quality of both structural and wear-resistant steel make sure CORAZZA attachments deliver superior life time. Forks have been developed with special design to grant higher resistance to wear and flexion compared to traditional forged forks.


Variable working conditions require tough and durable attachments. Highest quality of structural and HARDOX wear-resistant steels are used to deliver high performing buckets featuring outstanding reliability and durability and ready to operate in every specific soil

13 April 2023
Ciao Luigi
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06 July 2022
Hitachi EX2600 front shovel for iron ore
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28 June 2022
New machining center FLP-6000-5
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10 May 2022
Front shovel bucket Komatsu PC1250.11
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